Process Press: a Slow Re-emergence

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The internet and Selz are unintentionally trolling me. This is the third time I have tried to write this post. Third time lucky I hope. Everytime I press save the internet crashes and it is gone. This so puts me in mind of Bob Young who spent hours looking for lost versions of things on his computer and rarely finding them. Joe Berke encouraged him to get an apple mac many years ago and Bob could not get it to work because you had to put that it was noon to start the clock, and he kept on putting in the actual time. This is the man who was taken on to join an equivalent of the Milgram experimenters, when he simply refused to say that someone was holding up 3 fingers, when they were actually holding up 4.

He was a man who was hard to resist, which is why I ended up becoming a Director of Process Press, despite my inexperience of the world of publishing. After Bob Young lost control of Free Association Books he kept the name Process Press and published 6 books. Mental Space by Robert M.Young, Sanctuary: The Arbour’s Experience of Alternative Community Care by Joe Berke et al. Unfree Associations by Douglas Kirsner (no longer available via Process Press), The Retreat by Samuel Tuke, The Story of a Mental Hospital:Fulbourn 1858-1983. by David Clarke, and my own Lost for Words: The Psychoanalysis of Anorexia and Bulimia, later also published by The Other Press in USA.

He loved books, as anyone who ever came to Freegrove Road knew, whether by the books on the walls, including a few bookshelves across a window, or by the ever-ringing doorbell announcing another Amazon or Abe book delivery.

He was not a man who thought about whether publishing books was financially viable and he sadly lost large sums of money over the years. He made the decisions to publish and print 1000 of each of the above books. A big mistake. Mine was the only one to sell out. They are many copies of the others still available and in storage. I ended up doing the accounts for the Press, sending out review copies, orders and updating his phenomenal website

A few years later I wrote a less dense book on anorexia called A is for Anorexia: Anorexia Nervosa Explained. I worked hard at understanding internet marketing and as a result my book became an Amazon bestseller in a number of categories. Bob asked if we could publishing books again...other peoples and I cautiously agreed. Next blog will be what happened next.